Me entero por GOOGLE BLOGOSCOPED de algo que siempre afirmo que si uno quiere ser grande debe admitir los errores, pues mi amigo GOOGLE me lo sigue afirmando….


Remember when I complained about Google Checkout?? Well, I came home from work yesterday, and a fedex package from Mountain View, CA was awaiting me. Look what I found!!!!

Dear Mr. Witmer,

I do apologize for the trouble you experienced using the Google Checkout system. In an attempt to make it up to you, I have included some Google goodies.

I hope you enjoy the gifts and have a great day!

Sincerely, Libby Neville

Thank-you sooo much, Google and Libby!!! You guys are the best. I already feel much better! I’m Feeling Lucky!!

Si quieren ver mas de lo que google le envió� a kirb sigan el enlace como diría mi amiga Gab “GOOGLE SOS GRANDE”

2 Ladridos para “GOOGLE SENDS GOODIES!!”


  1. Gab ladró:


    A ver el linkito… permiso voy a chusmear

  2. GM IV ladró:

    ¡Ey, yo quiero de esos!


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