En si no hubo sorpresas en los ganadores, eso si muchos de mis favoritos no ganaron, pero aunque dicen que 24 fue la triunfadora para mi fue ELIZABETH I, que actualmente se puede ver por Hallmark.

Para resaltar los merecidísimo premios a Tony Shalhoub, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons y Mariska Hargitay.

Los resaltados con , son los ganadores

Drama Series:
«Grey’s Anatomy,» ABC
»House,» Fox
»The Sopranos,» HBO
»24,» Fox
«The West Wing,» NBC

Comedy Series:

»Arrested Development,» Fox
»Curb Your Enthusiasm,» HBO
‘The Office,» NBC
»Scrubs,» NBC
»Two and a Half Men,» CBS

»Bleak House (Masterpiece Theatre),» PBS
»Elizabeth I,» HBO
»Into the West,» TNT
»Sleeper Cell,» Showtime

Made-for-TV Movie:
»Flight 93,» A&E
»The Flight That Fought Back,» Discovery Channel
‘The Girl in the Cafe,» HBO
»Mrs. Harris,» HBO
»Yesterday,» HBO

Variety, Music or Comedy Series:
»The Colbert Report,» Comedy Central
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,» Comedy Central
»Late Night With Conan O’Brien,» NBC
»Late Show With David Letterman,» CBS
»Real Time With Bill Maher,» HBO.

Actor, Drama Series:
Christopher Meloni, »Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,» NBC
Denis Leary, »Rescue Me,» FX Network
Peter Krause, »Six Feet Under,» HBO
Kiefer Sutherland, »24,» Fox
Martin Sheen, »The West Wing,» NBC


Actress, Drama Series:
Kyra Sedgwick, »The Closer,» TNT
Geena Davis, »Commander in Chief,» ABC
Mariska Hargitay, »Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,» NBC
Frances Conroy, »Six Feet Under,» HBO
Allison Janney, »The West Wing,» NBC

Supporting Actor, Drama Series:
William Shatner, »Boston Legal,» ABC
Oliver Platt, »Huff,» Showtime
Michael Imperioli, »The Sopranos,» HBO
Gregory Itzin, »24,» Fox
Alan Alda, »The West Wing,» NBC

Supporting Actress, Drama Series:
Candice Bergen, »Boston Legal,» ABC
Sandra Oh, »Grey’s Anatomy,» ABC
Chandra Wilson, »Grey’s Anatomy,» ABC
Blythe Danner, »Huff,» Showtime
Jean Smart, »24,» Fox


Actor, Comedy Series:
Larry David, »Curb Your Enthusiasm,» HBO
Kevin James, »The King of Queens,» CBS
Tony Shalhoub, »Monk,» USA
Steve Carell, »The Office,» NBC
Charlie Sheen, »Two and a Half Men,» CBS

Actress, Comedy Series:
Lisa Kudrow, »The Comeback,» HBO
Jane Kaczmarek, »Malcolm in the Middle,» Fox
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, »The New Adventures of Old Christine,» CBS
Stockard Channing, »Out of Practice,» CBS
Debra Messing, »Will & Grace,» NBC

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series:
Will Arnett, »Arrested Development,» Fox
Jeremy Piven, »Entourage,» HBO
Bryan Cranston, »Malcolm in the Middle,» Fox
Jon Cryer, »Two and a Half Men,» CBS
Sean Hayes, »Will & Grace,» NBC

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series:
Cheryl Hines, »Curb Your Enthusiasm,» HBO
Alfre Woodard, »Desperate Housewives,» ABC
Jaime Pressly, »My Name Is Earl,» ABC
Elizabeth Perkins, »Weeds,» Showtime
Megan Mullally, »Will & Grace,» NBC


Actor, Miniseries or a Movie:
Charles Dance, «Bleak House,» Masterpiece Theatre
Donald Sutherland, »Human Trafficking,» Lifetime
Ben Kingsley, »Mrs. Harris,» HBO
Jon Voight, »Pope John Paul II,» CBS
Andre Braugher, »Thief,» FX Network

Actress, Miniseries or a Movie:
Kathy Bates, »Ambulance Girl,» Lifetime
Gillian Anderson, »Bleak House (Masterpiece Theatre),» PBS
Helen Mirren, »Elizabeth I,» HBO
Judy Davis, »A Little Thing Called Murder,» Lifetime
Annette Bening, »Mrs. Harris,» HBO

Supporting Actor, Miniseries or a Movie:
Denis Lawson, »Bleak House (Masterpiece Theatre),» PBS
Hugh Dancy, »Elizabeth I,» HBO
Jeremy Irons, «Elizabeth I,» HBO
Robert Carlyle, »Human Trafficking,» Lifetime
Clifton Collins Jr., »Thief,» FX Network

Supporting Actress, Miniseries or a Movie:
Kelly Macdonald, »The Girl in the Cafe,» HBO
Shirley Jones, »Hidden Places,» Hallmark
Ellen Burstyn, »Mrs. Harris,» HBO
Cloris Leachman, »Mrs. Harris,» HBO
Alfre Woodard, »The Water Is Wide (Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation),» CBS

Los títulos están en ingles pues dependiendo el país muchos de estos cambian.